Prof David Dodwell

Prof David Dodwell
  • Surname (for filtering): Dodwell
  • Consultant Name: Prof David Dodwell
  • Type of specialist: Clinical Oncologist
  • Qualifications: MB BS MRCP MD FRCR
  • Specialist Interests: Breast cancer, Radiotherapy
  • NHS Base: St. James’s University Hospital, Leeds
  • Private Clinic(s): BMI Duchy Hospital, Harrogate, Spire Leeds Hospital, Nuffield Health York Hospital
  • Locations: North East & Yorkshire

Professor David Dodwell is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist based at Leeds Cancer Centre/Institute of Oncology St James Hospital where he is Lead Clinician for Breast Services.

He is Chair of the Yorkshire Breast Cancer Research Group and holds a visiting Professorship at Sheffield Hallam University.

At Leeds General Infirmary in conjunction with his clinical and specialist nurse colleagues he has developed a service with the elements of MDT practice and meetings, prospective organisation of data collection to facilitate audit and activity analysis and protocols for diagnosis, therapy, communication and integrated follow-up.

He sees 520 new patients per year and accepts 40 cross referrals. He supervises systemic therapy and radiotherapy for patients with early and recurrent disease.

Professor Dodwell is the lead oncologist on the Sloane Group. This group audits the outcome of screen-detected DCIS within the UK. With data on over 9000 patients collected over 7 years. The group has published data on diagnostic processes, patterns of care, variability in surgical, endocrine and radiotherapeutic interventions, recurrence and mortality.

Professor Dodwell is the oncologist on the UK Breast Cancer Screening Audit Group with responsibility to contribute and co-ordinate the audit function of the UK Breast Screening Programme. Data is collected and analysed concerning all aspects of UK breast screening including patterns of care, case volume and outcome. An annual report is produced.

Within the Faculty of Clinical Oncology - Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) he is the member with responsibility for co-ordinating the functions and determining the policy of the RCR in relation to oncology including training, examinations, professional standards, audit, research, accreditation and response to national initiatives. He is co-chair of a group charged with the revision of advice to oncologists acting as expert witnesses. He chairs the Site Orientated Electronic Network for breast oncology within the RCR.

On the Joint Council for Clinical Oncology (JCCO) Professor Dodwell represents the Royal College of Radiologists. This group allows liaison and co-operation between Clinical and Medical Oncology the two specialties involved in solid tumour oncology within the UK. The predominant functions of JCCO are service configuration and standards of care.

He is involved in the development and implementation of a nationally agreed national data set on the National Chemotherapy dataset group working to capture and analyze the use of systemic therapy in solid cancer and haematology. From April 2011 the collection of this data became mandatory.

Professor Dodwell is chair on the Breast Tri-network group, which comprises of 35 breast oncologists across the Yorkshire, North Trent and East Riding Cancer Networks. They assess new interventions, determine regional policy and co-ordinate and prioritize applications to the Interim Cancer Drug Fund.

He leads the oncology group of the Yorkshire Cancer Network and has co-ordinated the implementation of guidelines for the use of aromatase inhibitors, herceptin, bisphosphonates and taxanes as adjuvant therapy. He organises the national educational meeting for this group.

He has close associations with Breast Cancer Haven (Leeds). He is involved in fundraising events and their educational programmes.

Professor Dodwell is also a member of the following groups and organisations:

Royal College of Physicians; Royal College of Radiologists; British Medical Association; British Institute of Radiology; Association of Cancer Physicians; Yorkshire Breast Group; British Breast Group; American Society of Clinical Oncology

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